ISECON is the "Information Systems Education Conference". The conference brings together information systems educators from around the world. It is the longest, continuous running conference for IS educators! At ISECON, leading educators and technology experts meet to share information about current and emerging technology, a variety of curricular issues, and development techniques, while establishing and strengthening industry/academic relationships.

ISECON is THE conference educators attend to learn about and contribute to the latest trends and issues in the Information Systems academic field. Topics include model curricula, best practices, pedagogy, program accreditation, and keeping up with technological changes. Held annually since 1982, ISECON is the largest continuously-running conference for IS Education.

ISECON is produced by the Foundation for Information Technology Education. You can learn more about the Foundation and about ISECON's history at the Foundation's website.

ISECON ® is registered trademark of the Foundation for Information Technology Education.




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